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Laat je contactgegevens achter en we bellen je op werkdagen binnen 24 uur om een adviesgesprek in te plannen.

We are Quatt

We stand for a sustainable future. That is why we make products that accelerate the transition to a gas-free future. For example, the Quatt Hybrid: the new hybrid heat pump that is smarter, more beautiful, better and cheaper.

At Quatt, we're leading the energy transition with a bold vision. By 2030, we aim to help 3 million households transition to sustainable home energy. But we're not on this journey alone; it's a united effort. Our strength comes from close collaboration, transparent communication, and a lot of brainstorming. We value innovative ideas from all sources within our diverse Quatt team.
Are you looking to make a difference? Quatt might be the perfect match for you.

Open roles

Customer Operations & IT
Business Analyst
Amsterdam | Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Field Operations
Team Lead Field Operations
Amsterdam | Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Our Values

At Quatt, our values define who we are and guide our actions. They reflect the essence of our culture and shape the way we work together, with our customers, and within our community.
Performance over prejudice
We support exceptional people in achieving amazing things, and we judge people based on what they actually achieve, not on their background. Do you consistently perform well? We give you loads of opportunities to grow and succeed.
We go above and beyond our call of duty
We go beyond what's expected of us, and take responsibility for our actions. We identify issues and offer solutions without waiting to be asked. We aim high and work together to achieve great things.
Action is better than no action
We quickly adjust to changing situations and we're not afraid to try new approaches. We make mistakes, accept them and use them as opportunities to learn. Everyone’s opinion is valued in making decisions promptly.
The default is open
We begin with an open approach, cut the bullshit and talk about what matters. We speak the truth, even when it’s challenging. We communicate openly en help each other out.
Get to know us better

On Instagram, we share our latest updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and snapshots of our team's daily activities. Follow us to get to know us better.

Benefits of working with us

We care about our employees and their well-being. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

Pick your laptop

Choose between a Windows laptop or a MacBook to suit your work style.

Work remotely (from abroad)

After your first six months, you have the opportunity to work abroad for one month each year.


We care about your work-life balance. Our flexible work arrangements empower you to manage your time effectively and maintain a healthy balance.

The Quatt Application Process

In five steps towards your new role at Quatt:

Step 1

Apply, we would love to meet you!

Ready to change the future? Please apply through the form on our website, we encourage you to apply also if you don't meet all the requirements!

Step 2


Your first interview will be with one of our recruiters. This will give you a sense of the role, our ambitions and culture.

Step 3


Interview with one of your potential future colleagues. Here you can get into all the ins-and-outs of the role.

Step 4


Your final interview will take place with the team manager. For some roles this would also include a case.

Step 5

Get on

Match made in heaven? We will work out the details together in your proposal. Time to get on board!

Michelle is working towards a greener future

"I'm originally from Italy, and I knew that the Netherlands is at the forefront of renewable energy innovation. That's why I decided to move to the Netherlands and look for a job at Quatt."

Her days are filled with captivating interactions. As a technical advisor, she has direct contact with customers. She listens carefully to their needs and looks for solutions that fit seamlessly into their situation. "We analyze their energy consumption and draw up financial plans so that customers can clearly see what they can save. We translate these insights into technical reports that our installers then use."

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Safier is building a sustainable world

At Quatt, we're all about innovation and sustainability. But behind our work are real people. Meet Safier Al Khafaji, a 23-year-old software engineer who's been with us since February. After graduating, he immediately joined our app and cloud team.

Michelle: Working daily towards a greener future

“At Quatt, it's not just about working with data, schedules and plans; it's mostly about working closely with people. You listen to their needs and search for solutions that can make a difference. You are the bridge between technology and humans, translating complex technology into practical solutions that can really change the world.” This is the experience of Michelle Bertocchi, who holds the role of Technical Advisor at Quatt.

Be the first one to know

Stay up to date with our latest job openings and join the Quatt family by following us on our social media channels

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