Safier is building a sustainable world

At Quatt, we're all about innovation and sustainability. But behind our work are real people. Meet Safier Al Khafaji, a 23-year-old software engineer who's been with us since February. After graduating, he immediately joined our app and cloud team.

A random encounter

Safier's journey to Quatt began with a chance encounter with Marijn, the co-founder and CEO of Quatt. During Safier's university years, they happened to work out at the same local gym. They became friends around the time when Marijn had just founded Quatt. Safier recalls: "Marijn enthusiastically shared the possibilities of heat pumps and working towards a sustainable future, which inspired me. One day, Martijn jokingly said, 'Come join our team after you graduate.' I responded with a modest 'maybe.' But when graduation came, Marijn reminded me again, saying: 'You remember what you promised, right?'"

Safier applied to Quatt while exploring other job options too. But after the first round of interviews at Quatt, he was already sure about his choice. “In the conversation with Martijn, the head of App & Cloud, it became clear how much responsibility I would have in this role. I knew this was where I wanted to be.”

Work with immediate results

Safier is a Software Engineer & Cloud Engineer. As part of the team responsible for app development and cloud management, he manages Quatt's technical ecosystem. He works on various projects and likes to take on a lot of responsibility.

“One of the things I love about my job is that I can see results right away.” Safier remembers one of his first projects: "When I had just started, we were using an expensive cloud service for data retrieval. I was given the opportunity to create an alternative service. After the implementation, we saw that Quatt was saving thousands of euros. The result was very rewarding to me."

Learning every day

What Safier enjoys most about his job is the responsibility he gets. “I'm not treated like a newcomer expected to stay in the background; I'm actively involved in the development of big projects.” He appreciates the variety in his role. “I don't want a job where I'm doing the same thing day in and day out. Each day, I come to work excited to learn something new,” he says with enthusiasm. “I'm given a task, and I need to find a solution.” He appreciates the challenges, and leaves work each day with a sense of accomplishment. “I apply new knowledge immediately into practice.”

Being part of the team

"Sometimes the things we work on are complex, but at Quatt, we're lucky to have a team of experts around us. That's very inspiring," Safier enjoys working in the office surrounded by his colleagues. With eight experienced seniors on his team and access to guidance from the project manager and the head of App & Cloud, there's always someone available to help him when he has questions. “Therefore, no project feels undoable.” While the company keeps growing, Safier is excited to grow his skills too, helping to shape a sustainable future.

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