Michelle: Working daily towards a greener future

Interview with Technical Advisor Michelle

“At Quatt, it's not just about working with data, schedules and plans; it's mostly about working closely with people. You listen to their needs and search for solutions that can make a difference. You are the bridge between technology and humans, translating complex technology into practical solutions that can really change the world.” This is the experience of Michelle Bertocchi, who holds the role of Technical Advisor at Quatt.

The link between customers and technology

"I originally come from Italy, and I knew that the Netherlands leads in innovation in the field of renewable energy. That's precisely why I chose to relocate to the Netherlands and pursue a career at Quatt."

“My days are filled with interesting conversations,” Michelle tells. As a Technical Advisor, she has direct contact with clients. She listens to their needs and looks for solutions that fit their unique situations. "I analyze their energy consumption and create financial plans, ensuring clients have a clear view of their potential savings. These insights I then translate into technical reports for our installers, which I really enjoy doing. But what I love the most is presenting and explaining those reports to clients, ensuring they truly understand how it works."

With a background in business economics and social economics, Michelle says she easily adapted to her technical role. “During the intensive 3-day training at Quatt, I learned everything I needed to know about the technical aspects of my work.”

A Dynamic Work Environment

“At Quatt, I feel connected to the team,” Michelle shares. She splits her workweek, spending two days working from home and three days at the office. "We often start the day having a coffee and catching up with each other." The diversity within the team and the communal lunch create a lively atmosphere. "It doesn't feel like competition; it feels like collaboration. Sometimes, we also socialize outside of work, like at barbecues or karaoke nights."

Michelle continues: “At Quatt, there is a culture of continuous growth and learning. Every step, every conversation, and every project is an opportunity to learn and improve. Each team member, from the technicians to the founders, is valued, and their ideas are both heard and respected. We all work in the same space and switch desks daily. This helps with strong connections and a sense of belonging within the team.

As a startup, Quatt moves fast, and change is the norm. "I only started 6 months ago, and my role has already evolved. You have to be willing to adapt." Michelle particularly values the transparency and openness that come with working in a startup. "We're kept in the loop about everything, from future plans to sales figures and salaries."

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